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Pet Teeth - What to Look For

How can you tell when to take your pet in to see Dr Banyard? Here are some things to watch for:

  • Signs of periodontal disease - inflamed gums, gum recession, the bulge of the tooth.
  • Count the teeth - 42 teeth in the dog and 30 teeth in the adult cat. If you count too many or too few teeth ask Dr Banyard what needs to be done for your pet.
  • Discoloured teeth - these are usually a problem - make an appointment to see Dr Banyard..
  • Tooth fractures - if you are checking your pet's mouth daily you will see this right away and save your pet a lot of pain. Take your pet to see Dr Banyard as soon as you can. Examples of tooth fractures
  • Abnormal alignment of the jaws, asymmetry of the head.
  • Teeth biting on other teeth or on the gums or palate.
  • Holes in the palate.
  • Discharge coming from the nose, side of the face, under the eye.
  • Rubbing the face.
  • Sore eye - this may be unrelated to dental disease but the teeth should be checked as well.
  • Halitosis (bad breath).
  • Sores on the lips, in the mouth.
  • Your pet sleeps more than usual and moves around less.

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This section is still under construction so please expect new information being added.....

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